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Web Conferencing / Webcasting / Webinars / Virtual Events

The advantages of Web-based services are well known. In growing numbers, organizations are utilizing Web conferencing, Webcasting and Webinars to cost effectively enhance everyday functions and focused initiatives. Similar in nature, these services share the same delivery mode - the Internet. We'll help you determine the right solution for your organization, or specific initiative. It's part of ASG's real savings.

Web Conferencing

Ideal for enterprise-wide collaboration, Web conferencing service enables interactive meetings at a fraction of the cost of conducting on-site meetings. It eliminates the time and expense of travel, while maintaining a tremendous level of functionality. Primarily utilized by smaller groups for interactive meetings, Web conferencing offers a number of valuable features, including:

  • Slideshows
  • Application/desktop sharing
  • Text messaging
  • Control passing
  • File sharing
  • Outlook integration and scheduling


For instances when interaction is not needed, Webcasting is a cost-efficient and highly effective means to disseminating information. These one-way presentations can broadcast live or delayed audio/video transmissions. A Webcast is suitable for a multitude of scenarios involving large audiences, for example:

  • CEO messages/company news
  • University lectures
  • Press announcements


The Webinar is a popular, cost effective vehicle to reach large groups of remote customers, prospects, decision-makers, influencers and employees. For example, sales and marketing departments face the ever-growing challenge of delivering high-value content to win new business. They are meeting this challenge by conducting Webinars; generating significant leads, gathering valuable metrics and gaining visibility in the process.

Extending the capabilities to give, receive and discuss information , Webinars are highly interactive. They enable communication via phone or Web-based chat, and are well-suited for a multitude of initiatives such as:

  • Product launches
  • Sales presentations
  • Marketing presentations
  • Analyst presentations
  • Fee-based conferences
  • CEO earnings calls
  • Employee/customer training

Many service providers offer expansive tools to: promote your Webinar, register attendees, send reminder emails, conduct Q&A, survey attendees throughout the slideshow, and follow-up with attendees.

Virtual Events

PGi and ON24 have partnered to support best-in-class virtual event solutions that transform your streaming webcasts and virtual shows into collaborative give-and-take exchanges. ON24’s scalable software makes everything from training seminars to company-wide addresses possible without the constraint of physical boundaries. ON24 Webcasting is a SaaS webcasting solution for presentations and webinars. It is a flexible way to present web, video, and audio data to a large or small audience. ON24 Virtual Show is a virtual environment that simulates a traditional

conference or trade show. It is a unique platform for applications ranging from demand generation to continuing education for employees.

ASG's providers offer a full spectrum of Web-based services. From simply sharing your presentation online to extensive collaboration possibilities, we can help you drive greater efficiency and real savings.

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