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PINNACLE solutions are designed to streamline the support and delivery of all of your telecom and IT services by managing the complete service lifecycle, while also providing you with powerful real time business intelligence.

Solutions Addressed:

Telecom Expense Management: Procurement thru Provisioning, Payment and Cost Allocation for all your communication vendors

Shared Service Center: Automate through self-service the connections between your customers and your IT organization

Technology Transformation: Maximize the investment in next generation technology through an efficient migration of services Enable efficient Financial Management Track services and assets – what, where, who and how it is utilized

Key Value Propositions

PINNACLE Online offers the following benefits as a TEM solution:

  • Provides insightful analysis for tracking service inventory, service configuration, inter-relationships of network services, and location and ownership of distributed assets through real-time business intelligence.
  • Ensures customer pays for services at agreed upon contract rates - and only for time of activation - with automated invoice auditing.
  • Offers robust data model built upon a configuration management database (CMDB) and not limited to tracking the elements of a vendor invoice like traditional TEM solutions.
  • Allows organizations to allocate charges by internal cost centers, individual, or location through flexible chargeback model.
  • Streamlines invoice lifecycle and payment processes

Success Story: Large Nationwide Retailer


  • Consolidating combination of custom and commercial systems
  • Maintaining real-time control of vendor invoices.
  • Expanding business with a national presence on a continual basis
  • Reducing operational costs


  • Automate and consolidate invoice processing
  • Establish automatic cost allocation of vendor invoices
  • Streamline Service Desk operations
  • Expand to managed usage and more robust chargebacks


  • Realized over $6 million in "cost avoidance" through year one operations
  • Gained multidimensional real-time analysis of charges and operations
  • Achieved timely identification and resolution of vendor billing errors
  • Streamlines service provisioning and cost allocation activities
  • Used new business intelligence analytics to improve negotiations with vendors

Leverage analysis of your telecom service orders, inventory, and bills provided by PINNACLE's Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Solution to:

  • Lower operational expenses
  • Identify and resolve accounting or billing errors in a timely manner
  • Streamline provisioning and payment processes

PINNACLE Online enables real-time business intelligence to manage the lifecycle of TEM business operations from procurement through provisioning, payment, and cost allocation.

PINNACLE Online as a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Solution

Managing Change

  • Maintains real-time insight into service inventory, enabling organizations to make effective decisions.
  • Provides comprehensive intelligence into how services are used, creating leverage over vendors and thus helping to failitate more effective contract negotiations.
  • Verifies MACD activities are being invoiced correctly, allowing for fast-paced end-user changes to follow through all the way to the vendor

Improving Productivity

  • Sustains real-time intuitive insight to enable smart decision making in a timely manner
  • Optimizes workload by eliminating high volume manual activities
  • Supplies self-service automation of financial and operational reports, giving customers easy access to the information they need
  • Offers faster payment processing which reduces late payment charges
  • Tracks disputes for quicker resolution times, providing insight potential savings
  • Automates exchange of data with other enterprise systems to eliminate manual entry (e.g. HR, GL, AP)
  • Decreases time and overhead related to decision process with real-time reporting
  • Allows organizations to focus on core responsibilities while outsourcing TEM operations (processing invoices, managing disputes and financial reports) to SME

Minimizing Risk

  • Monitors finacial ownership of services
  • Offers secure visibility to organizations for conducting self audits
  • Ensures deployment and utilization of services align to corporate policy

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership

  • Reconciles invoices charges to active provisioned services
  • Helps users to understand necessary costs for services where employees have left the organization
  • Consolidates disparate netowrk services into unified network

Ask your ASG Solutions Consultant how our Telecom Expense Management Solution can help you gain control of you communications infrastructure and better meanage your communications vendors and spend.

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