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"ASG removes the complexities of selecting, procuring, managing and maximizing telecommunications services."


In a market where the rules are constantly changing and every carrier has an "offer of the week," we help you cut through the clutter of misinformation and give you the insight you need to get the right mobility solution for your business needs with the best value possible.

As a Business Solutions Partner for a multitude of wireless carriers, we have the industry knowledge and know-how to implement a customized mobility solution in the most effective and efficient manner. Some of the services we provide are:

  • The ability to place all new orders, order replacement units, or repair a device.
  • Provisioning the devices
  • Management of the entire implementation process from order to delivery.
  • Dedicated wireless support team assisting your company the entire time.
Count on ASG to provide you an impartial analysis of the best mobility options for your business.

Turn to ASG for:


Expecting a consistent rise in your mobile workforce? With more than 50% of all companies allowing their employees to work remotely, ASG can help you determine your wireless business needs based on both your current and future wireless usage. The future of wireless lies also with advanced data solutions. ASG can ascertain the optimal architecture to allow your remote workforce to be fully sufficient while behind the company firewall and remote connectivity solutions thus providing real time access to mission critical company applications.


Why meet and listen with (5) different wireless carriers when you can make one phone call? Let ASG work with the carriers to negotiate the best wireless technologies and rate plans for your business.

Equipment Assessment

What's the latest and greatest handset today? How can you be expected to be the expert on all handsets with all the carriers? Let ASG, with a dedicated wireless staff (and many who have worked for the carriers), be the experts and help your company determine which handset is best for your users.

Ongoing Customer Service Support

End user having problems? Have them call us directly. Let ASG be your outsourced remote diagnostics, troubleshooting and recovery service, thus easing the burden on your IT department for minor daily handset related issues. We will become your Tier 1 Technical support for all handsets with the additional support of the carriers if needed.

Technology Assessment

Are you lost in the ever changing mobile technology, Blackberry, Good, Mobile 5, Mobile 6, Extended Systems and others? Let ASG assist with by preparing a Mobility Strategy end user education of devices, and consult with IT to develop security solutions for remote workforce to protect your company's private customer data.

Telecom Expense Management

Performance Optimized (TEMPO) Does your company deploy various wireless providers? How do you manage it all? Better yet, who has to manage it all? Only ASG offers an online customized system which encompasses order management, inventory, usage tracking, bill consolidation, and auditing, and presents this information in a GL format to be imported into your accounting system.

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