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Data Center Solutions

Everything in business is about data, and to be viable, a company must have the data center and infrastructure capabilities to easily connect, access and manage its data. The inability to adequately access data by employees or customers can cost millions today.

As a company executive, IT manager, or business owner, can you easily answer the following questions?

  • How much revenue would your company lose if your employees or clients could not access critical data?
  • What degree of accessibility do you want to allow in your data protection plan?
  • How much does complete data protection actually cost?
  • Which data is considered mission critical, and which is non-critical?
  • Is your company prepared for a natural disaster, or a cyber attack?
  • Do you have a seamless way to access backup data in an everyday equipment failure

ASG offers many data center solutions for clients seeking the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effect ways of storing, accessing, and backing up their business’s data.

We work with your team to source and implement the connectivity and bandwidth solutions…when they need it most.


Colocation allows for businesses to place their network, server, storage and other ancillary gear in specifically designed facilities, and interconnect them to a variety of telecommunications and other network service provider(s) with a minimum of cost and complexity.

ASG can offer the widest range of colocation options in the industry, from simply hosting a single rack of equipment to running hundreds of servers in a private custom suite with multiple dedicated fiber Internet connections for network connectivity.

ASG technical teams have designed and implemented countless colocation solutions around the world for our clients.

Colocation is an ideal solution for a large variety of industries, including:

  • Web commerce companies
    • Safe environment
    • Cost-effective, redundant connections to the Internet
  • Major enterprises
    • Disaster avoidance
    • Offsite data backup
    • Business continuity
  • Telecommunication companies
    • Interexchange traffic with other telecommunications companies
    • Access to potential clients

Managed Services

ASG’s managed service provider (MSP) services include all of the benefits of colocation as listed above, as well as:

  • Arrangements for managed backups and/or operating system management
  • Application and database management support


More and more businesses are allowing at least a part of their data to be hosted in the “cloud.”

As a true leap beyond traditional hosting options, cloud computing is known for the following characteristics via a “utility computing" model:

  • Sold on demand, typically by the minute or the hour, and by the amount of bandwidth required
  • Elastic, in that a user can have as much or as little of a service as they want at any given time in this "utility model"
  • Service fully managed by the provider, completely eliminating the user to purchase and maintain a server

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