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"True value is delivering accurate, unbiased and concise information for our client’s benefit. That is what we do."

ASG’s real savings is derived from streamlining key processes and positioning effective solutions from best-in-class providers. The pace of technology innovation, proliferation of new services and drive to secure subscribers has created an unprecedented level of competition, and confusion, in the telecommunications marketplace. We remove related complexities as your single source for selecting, procuring, managing and maximizing telecommunications services.

ASG's real savings extend beyond dollars and cents to deliver business value on multiple levels:

Optimized telecommunications services at a lower cost. When services are proposed directly from the carrier, they have little choice but to position their product in a way that makes it look perfect for your needs, even when it might not be. Yet, keeping abreast of the technologies, services, players and rates in the market is a full-time job. At ASG, we take on that job so you can get back to yours.

Our team of industry specialists, relationships with 30+ Service Providers and negotiation expertise form a high-value offering conveniently channeled through a single point of contact. Your benefits are significant:

  • ASG agents bring you the breadth of the marketplace and offer strategic counsel, so you can accurately survey the latest technologies (VoIP, Wireless, MPLS, etc.), equipment and promotions to make decisions that will advance your business.
  • We know how to play the game...we're in it all day, everyday. Carriers are facing escalating operational costs that impact pricing, rate plans and contracts. As a neutral agent, we work in your best interest to structure the plan you need under the terms you need.
  • Earning your business for the long haul is a top priority at ASG. If you need assistance with your services, we pick up the phone. You maintain the functionality and support you signed up for throughout the contract term.

Best-in-class providers focused on serving your market. There are more carriers and service providers to choose from than ever before. And each excels in their own distinct way based upon their target customer. As a carrier-neutral agent, ASG ensures that you are paired with the right providers for your business:

  • We partner with over 30 best-in-class service providers, so we have the relationships and resources in place to meet your needs through the most appropriate channels.
  • ASG agents perform due diligence on any and all service providers under consideration.
  • You are presented with only the best prices, products and services for your business.

Streamlined processes for efficient operations. Telecom expense management is broad in scope. Bringing efficient processes to the table to handle related challenges is another key component of ASG's real savings. We help you resolve:

  • Out-of-control budgets
  • Unfavorable contract sourcing cycles
  • Compliance issues
  • Inefficient invoice processing/billing issues
  • Delays in the procurement process (impacting technology migration and remote workers)

Peace of mind and greater productivity. A trusted partner meets your expectations and adds value whenever possible. Our industry know-how and unmatched commitment uniquely enables us to do both. ASG agents are skilled advisors and adept at problem solving - all with the end goal of delivering real savings to your business. Whether you need help with strategic technology decisions, or executing an office move, you can count on ASG for a solution. We support your in-house resources to save your business time and money.

Given the complexities of today's market, the idea of bringing in an agent to assist with the selection, procurement and management of your telecommunications services has widespread advantages. Regardless of your needs-Local, Long Distance, Data, Internet Access, VoIP, Audio and Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing/WebCasting/Webinars, Cellular/Wireless, Metro Ethernet, Dark Fiber, and Data Center - ASG can help you get the most out of your telecom investment. Contact us today for real savings.

Contact us today for REAL savings.


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