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"True value is delivering accurate, unbiased and concise information for our client’s benefit. That is what we do."

Bartfield Testimonial

"Barfield has been working with ASG for over 10 years. The service they provide is invaluable to our organization. The staff is courteous and responsive to our needs and is always there to help us.

As technology has changed ASG has always been there to keep us informed of the options available and ASG has always found the best solution to meet our needs. If we were to take this research in-house we would need expertise that we could not afford to keep on staff. With ASG we do not need that level of expertise on staff.

Upgrading current service with new technologies is possible without increasing costs. At times it is possible while even reducing costs. Having the technical information and the negotiation expertise to deal with the communication vendors on our behalf makes ASG a great asset to us.

Being there to support us with the decisions made for communication is also an area where ASG shines. Have a problem with a line, a service, or communication vendors? If you have ever had to deal with these issues from your vendors than you know how frustrating it can be at times to resolve. With ASG in the middle as your communications consultant this pressure is alleviated as they are there to make the calls and make sure your issues are taken care of.

Over the years we have built a relationship of trust where we know ASG and their team are there to support us and provide the kind of technology and services we need at the best negotiated rates while also supporting us on these after the deal is done."

Hector Martinez - IT Director

Porcelanosa Testimonial

"We have worked with ASG for over 5 years now, and will continue to work with them for many more. As our organization has continued to grow ASG has worked with us every step of the way to bring the correct solution to meet our needs and help us to future proof our infrastructure. ASG and his team do not merely offer products, they bring comprehensive solutions and work with us to dynamically adjust those solutions if newer, better technologies emerge that are a closer fit to the unique challenges of our organization. With multiple locations situated throughout the United States, we have been able to seamlessly link these locations via Data and Telecom solutions that are scalable enough to grow with us. The combination of Davin's exceptional professionalism and the tireless support team serves to further strengthen ASG’s relationship with Porcelanosa in the USA."

Noel Taylor - IT Director

Billabong Testimonial

"ASG has been a huge asset in the growth of our company over the past 5 years. During that time we made many acquisitions and ASG helped us grow our network infrastructure to bring everything together while at the same time reducing our overall communication expenses.

ASG also brings support to an all new level by always being responsive and attentive to our needs. They keep us informed of new ways to enhance our infrastructure and continue to recommend ways to lower our communication cost.

We consider ASG to be a valuable partner in the growth of our company and we look forward to a continued relationship with them for many years to come."

Jon Heindel - Director of IT


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