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"True value is delivering accurate, unbiased and concise information for our client’s benefit. That is what we do."

Proud to be in business for over 15 years

ASG, Headquartered in Hollywood, Florida, whose management has over 60 years of telecom and data experience, representing the most robust and nations largest carriers for domestic and International solutions. ASG has a genuine interest in your business, your challenges, your aspirations and needs.

We don't take the word "solution" lightly at ASG. That’s because the core of our business is selling solutions, not products or "utilities." While we are proud of our huge network of suppliers, we remain strictly vendor-neutral and objective. This allows us to focus on finding the best solutions for our clients.

In a roundtable virtual environment, we sit with our clients to mutually discuss and determine what they need, as well as what they don’t. We never force our clients to fit their unique business needs and visions into a pre-set solution. Instead, we customize technology solutions specifically for each and every client need.

Our 30+ technology partners are located all over the world. Each has a unique offering. We’ve worked with most of them for years, allowing us to quickly determine which partner(s) to use for a particular, "best fit" scenario. Regardless of partner choice, the end result is a solution that is flexible, scalable, secure... and within budget.

Let ASG work for you.

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Our Vision: A long-term partnership with every customer built upon innovation and trust.

Our Mission: To help our customers mitigate risk and improve business productivity through the design and delivery of service-oriented solutions.


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